Part I Vocabulary and Structure(每小题1分,共30分)

Directions: There are 30incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there arefour choices marked A,B, C, and D. Choose the ONE that best competes the sentences, andthen you should mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

1.There is_____“n”in the word friend

A. an





2.Here is_____for you.

A.a piece of news

B.a good news

C.a pair of news

D.some newses


3.Now the students are very young ang they will change a lot_____time

A.5 year

B.5 year's

C.5 years’

D.5 years


4.My mother went to the supermarket to buy some_




D. pears


5.The clime in Guiyang is much better than_____any other city in China.

A. this





6.There is_______water in the bottle. Can you go out to buy some one for me? I'm thirsty.


B.a few


D.a little


7.Mr. Smith is verv kind.we all like_____.






8.—Which subjcct do you like______,Chinses or English?

—Chinese ,of course.it's my mother tongue






9.The story of their sufferins moved us________.






10.Please drive carefully, the road is only two meters






11.—Is that girl under the tree Mary?

—No, it______be Mary.She is in Beijing now.






12.—Your coat fits you.

—Thank you, I________it when I was on vacation



C.have bought

D.has bought


13.When I went to see david yesterday, he ______ soccer with his classmates in the field.


B.was playing

C.has played



15.Confucious ______ for more than 2000 years,but his thought still has great influence in the world.


B.was dying

C.has died

D.has been dead


16.If a driver______to park in the wrong place, he'll get a fine.

A. finds

B. is found

C. has found

D.was found


17.The cellphone______online last week made in China and it works very well.




D.to buy


18.The speech given by professer Laojin from China_____and all students were_____.






19. How I wish l_______a bird and could fly freely.

A. am

B. was


D. will be


20. This is the school______l studicd three years ago.

A. which

B. when

C. where

D. who


21.He failed in the exam,_____made his parents angry.

A. which

B. That

C. as

D. what


22.Get up carly,__you will miss the flight.






23.—Could you plcase tell_____?

—About thirty minutes ago.

A.when did you see the girl

B. when you saw the girl

C where did you see the girl

D.where you saw the girl


24.She is _______ that very one like her.

A.such good student

B.such a good student

C.so good student

D.so a good student


25. This is my___birthday party

A. twenty


C. a twenty

D.a twentieth


26.The 2022 Winter Olympic Games will begin_____Feb. 4th,2022.

A. at

B. in

C. on



27.______ day it had yeasterday!

A.what good

B.How good

C.what a good

D.how a good


28.It is green development________we chinese are valuing this years.






29.There________a teacher and many students in the elassroom






30.—I have never traveled to the Great Wall.

A. So my parents haven't

B.Neither/Nor have my parents

C.My parents haven't

D. Neither my parents have


Part II Cloze(每小题2共 20分)

Directions: In this section,there are 10 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A, B, C, and D. You should choose the right answer onthe Answer Sheet.

Years ago in Scotland, Mr. and Mrs. Clark had a dream of travelling to the United Stateswith their nine children. Clark and his wife worked hard and saved enough _ (31)_ andgot passports for the whole family on a new ship to the United States.

The whole family was _(32)_ with excitement about life in America. However,seven days before their trip , the youngest son of the four was bitten(咬) by a _(33)_.The doctor required that all the family should be separated for fourteen days.

The family's dream ended. They would not to cancel the_(34)_to America. as they hadplaned .The father ,filled with disappointed and anger,went to the dock to _(35)_ the shipleave——without the Clark family.

The father shed tears of diappointment and cursed (咒骂) bothhis son and the dog and go for their misfortunc. Five days,a peiece of_(36)_ news spread around Scotland-Titanic had sunk (下沉).

The famous ship had sunk ,taking _(37)_lives in it. The Clark family was to have been on that ship,_(38)_because the son hadbeen bitten by a dog, they were left behind in Scotland. When Mr. Clark heard the news, he hugged _(39)_ son and thanked him for saving the family. He thanked his son and the dog forsaving their lives and turning what he felt was a tragy _(40)_ a blessing .

Although we may not know why, all things happen for a reason.

31.A.time B.money C.history D.life

32.A.expected B.fill C.expect D.filled

33.A.shark B.dog C.whale D.tiger

34.A.tour B.travel C.trip D.friend

35.A.viewed B.looked C.saw D.watched

36.A.exciting B.happy C.sad D.disappoint

37.A.thousand of B.hundred C.hundreds of D.thousands

38.A.but B.and C.or D.so

39.A.her B.his C.them D.us

40.A.down B.onto C.into D.up



Part II Reading Comprehension(每小题 2分,共50分)

After reading the following passage, you willfind 5 questions or unfinished statements,

numbered 41 through 65. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A,B,Cand D. You are required to make the correct choice.

Task 1(每小题2分,共10分)

How To Keep Kids Grow?

All parents have sky-high hopes for their children. We want them to be confident and content.What can parents do to help their kids grow up to lead happy lives? Experts advise:

1.Helping them find their talents. In order to succeed, children need to feel they're good atsomething. So expose your children to as many interests as possible; then let them choose thosethey like best.

2.Applauding their achievements. A study found that students whose parents paid attentionto their abilities were far more likely to do well in school- and in life- than students whose parentsdidn't show such support. So celebrate your kids' achievements, no matter how small they are.

3.Praising their efforts. Kids won't always come out on top. Still, they deserve kudos(赞誉)for trying their best. Ten- year- old April Cutler, for example, has had frouble with math sincesecond grade."She usually gets C's on her report card, but last year she was determined to get A'sand worked hard at it,"says her mom."When the first grading period ended,April was

disappointed when she got a Bminus math," Lueille continues."But my husband and I told her wewere very proud that she'd improved.That inspired her to try even harder, She got a B plus for thenext period!"

4. Letting them make decisions and mistakes. Making his/her own decisions increases achild's sense of control and builds his/her self-esteem(自尊心). And allowing kids to make wrongdecisions-so long as doing so won't harm them-helps kids learn from their mistakes.

5.Encouraging them to solve their own problems.As they grow,children need practice incommunicating, standing up for themselves and compromising. One of the best places to learnthese skills is at home., So the next time your child runs to you complaining that her brother isblaming her, step back and let them work it out.

41. What should parents do so that their children are likely to do well in school?

A.Have high expectations on them.

B. Appreciate their achievements.

C. Put great pressure on them.

D. Expand their range of interest

42. What is the parents' purpose to assign their children housework?

A.To spare some time to relax.

B.To relieve themselves.

C.To enhance children's sense of responsibility.

D. To share the heavy housework.

43. Which of the following statements is true?

A. Parents should stand up for children whenever they are needed

B.Parents should try to settle the dispute among children

C.Parents should stay out of any conflict among childrenn

D.Parents should encourage children to communicate with each other

44. What should children do as advised by experts?

A.Try every means to please parents.

B.Be entitled to make family decisions.

C. Be encouraged to solve their own problems.

D.Learn to make good decisions at an early age.

45. What does the writer mean in writing this passage?

A.To criticize some wrong ideas held by parents.

B.To comment on some popular ways of family education

C.To present some good ways of handling troublesome childrenD.To offer parents some good suggcstions on children education.



Task 2(每小题2分,共10分)

When I was very young,people in our village lived by planting fruit trees. My grandmotheralways took me to the orchard (果园) on the hill.At that time, they had to carry water from theriver at the foot of the hill to halfway up the hill. Even though we worked so hard, the productionlevel of fruit was still low because it was short of water there.

One day, two young men led a group of workers to our village. They learned about the

difficulties we faced, and later, canals and other projects began to be built in my village, "Who arethey?" I asked."They are good men from our government," my grandma replied.

Shortly afterwards, I moved to another city for my junior high school. The only reason I evercame back to my hometown was my grandmother.

One day, my family and I made time to return. We were surprised because everything had changed. The canal ran past every orchard so villagers didn't have to go up and down the hillanymore.

The river was now so clean that fish swam happily in it. When we arrived home, mygrandma took out some fresh pears and apples. She told us that after the water conservationproject(水利工程) was completed a policy (政策) was made to encourage more people toincrease the fruit production with clean water in the river.

Thank those good men who have devoted themselves to the development of our

countryside. Nowadays, people work hard to live in a big city. However, we should not forget ourhometowns where we are from.

46. What troubled the villagers most was that_____.

A. they had too much work

B. it was not convenient to go up the hill

C. they could only grow fruit trees

D.there wasn't enough water in the orchard

47. The good men came and offered help probably because of ______.

A. the villagers' suggestions

B. the government's support

C.a school's practical activity

D.a company's engineering plan

48.We can infer from the passage that______.

A. the grandmother doesn't like to live in the city

B. the village is a place of interest for tourists now

C. there will be more fruit production in the village

D. more people like to work in the countryside nowadays

49. The underlined phrase devoted themselves to is closest in meaning to _______.

A. prepared much for

B.donated money to

C.drawn public attention to

D.put much effort into

50.What can be the best title for the passage?

A.How is a village improved?

B: Who are the good men?

C: Why do people come back?

D: What does a hometown mean?



Task 4(每小题2分,共10分)

Eating Out

lt would be interesting to know what Amcricans cat at home,but theinformation probablywould not tell us very much. The populationof the country is sovaried and there are such differenttraditions in different parts of the world that wewould probably find in the country a mixture ofdiets found everywhere else in theworld.

Where U. S.eating habits have changed,however,andwhere they have becomevery similar, is in what happens when people go outside their homes toeat. A recentsurvey tells us a lot about the restaurant eating habits of Americans.

The people of the United States cat out often. In an average month,98 percentof U. s.families eat at least one meal in some kind of restaurant, and most families eatout over nine timesa week.

Although not all of the meals they eat our are regularmeals-breakfast,lunch,or dinner-thatmeans that people eat over one-third of theirmeals in restaurants. Can you guess which mealthey eat out most often?Not surprisingly,it is lunch. The following list shows how often differentmeals are eatenin a restaurant:

Lunch 38%

Dinner 30%

Snacks 20%

Breakfast 12%

Where Americans cat is a second interesting question. A real symbol of modern life in theUnited States is the fast-food restaurant-that is,a restaurant where there isusually no service at thetable;where you pick up your food yourself,sometimes in acar from an outside window; andwhere the food is often already prepared before youget there.

The most popular kind of fast food isthe hamburger, and the most populartype of restaurant is the fast-food hamburger restaurant.

A third question is why Americans go out to eat. The answers to this question depend onwhat kind of restaurant they choose.The fast-food restaurant seeins to have replaced a lot ofhome meals,and people eat at them for convenience. Most Americans say that they eat out infast-food restaurant in order to avoid having to cook.

Another reason is that they can eat quickly.Although there are still a lot of full-service restaurants people go to them mostly to celebratespecial occasions,such as birthdays and anniversaries,and simply to relax. The relaxingexperience makes full-service restaurants very different from fast-food restaurants,where eatingfastfood is just that-fast.

The United States is certainly a restaurant society,but we may ask whether therestaurants areactually that good or whether eating in them is healthy.

They must begood because they are verypopular,but a look at the food that people order showsthat fried foods and soft drinks are theirgreatest preference.Since we know thattoomuch fat and sugar is not healthy,.it appears thatAmericans would rather eat their fastfood than be healthy.

56.People in the United States ______.

A.have different traditions

B.have smilar ating habits

C.always eat a hone

D.always at n estaurants

57.Nearly all the people of the United States eat out_____.

A.one aweek

B.one a month

C.nine imes a week

D.nine times a month

58.In a fast-food restaurant you can.

A.calls fr a waiter b serve you

B.buy your food from an outside window

C.make a reservation one day earlier

D.cnjoy service at any time

59.What's the main reason for Americans to go out to cat?

A.They can meet with many friends.

B.They can have cheaper food there.

C.They can save time by not cooking the meal.

D.They can avoid washing dishes after

60.Which of the following statements is True?

A.Americans like to eat healthy food in a restaurant.

B. Americans find fast food more delicious.

C. Fried foods and soft drinks are Americans favorite foods.

D.Fast food is both healthy and convenient.



Task 5

According to a research more than 130 billion pounds of uneaten food go to waste in Laura'scountry each year. That is about 30% of the yearly food supply(供应). It is a sad fact especially when you consider how many families and homeless people are in hunger.

When Laura saw her school dining hall throw away food that was not caten at all every day,she came up with an idea. She started a project to help her school dining hall to give away uneatenfood to homeless shelters(庇护所) in her community.

In the past three years, the same project has spread to other schools and some fast food restaurants throughout the city. The project is called Feed& find, and has already fedthousands of people in her city.

How does it work? Through an app, Feed& Find matches local homeless shelters with schooldining halls and restaurants that have uneaten food to provide. When dining halls or restaurants have uneaten food left,they can use the app to share the information about the food. A truck driverworking for the project is then sent to pick it up and take it to a shelter.

Some people, however, have concerns about the safety of the uneaten food. They think suchfood may not be clean enough. Still, this project is a clever way to help solve the problem of foodwaste and it helps those in need.

61.The numbers in paragraph 1 tell us_____.

A.some people are poor

B.food waste is serious

C.the population is large

D.the research is interesting

62.Laura's project first got food from______.

A.her school dining hall

B.her family

C.a fast food restaurant

D.homeless shelter

63.People in other cities would like Laura to_______.

A.find a truck driver

B.visit their communities

C.give away food to them

D.help develop projects like hers

64.The underlined words "concerns" in this passage means______.





65.Which can be the best title for this passage?

A.A Dining Guide App

B. A Food Sharing Project

C.A Driving Service APF

D.A Food Safety Project




Part III Translation(每小题3分,共30分)

Direction: There are 10 statements in this section. Please translate sentences 66-75 fromEnglish into Chinese or Chinese to English.Write your answer on the Answer Sheet.


参考答案:He is the cleverest student.


参考答案:The father encouraged his two children(kids) to play football(soccer).


参考答案:Please turn off your cellphone(mobile phone) once the meeting is held.


参考答案:The youn man sitting between my parents is a writer( author)


参考答案:Thank you very(so) much for inviting me to the dinner on March 8th.

71.The police asked me how old I was.


72. It is time that we order dinncr.


73.Shopping online is very popular among college students these years.


74. l think it is impossible to solve the problem in such a short time.


Part V Writing(本题共20分)

Direction:For this part ,you are supposed to Writing a letter in English in at least 90words based on thefollowing information. Remember to Writing it clearly.

The importance of time management






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